Friday, December 19, 2014

Custom Business Thank You Cards: Showing Your Suppliers They Matter

Vendors are just important as customers. After all, where would a full-service moving company be without its provider of high-quality packing supplies or a pet salon without its source for pet grooming products? As such, sending custom business thank you cards is a great way for business owners to show their appreciation to their suppliers. Of course, to enhance the lovely gesture further, business owners should prepare a well-thought-out thank you note.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Personalized Business Greeting Cards for Customers: The Essentials

While this move is essentially a form of marketing, business owners should keep in mind that their intended recipients should feel special upon receipt of the card. Throwing in even a subtle sales pitch in there is defeating the purpose, so at all costs, they should leave the sales pitch at the door. Something to help customers feel special is for entrepreneurs to add a personal touch to their cards. Here are critical pointers for personalized business greeting cards for customers: Keep it professional A card displaying a photo of employees in full-on Christmas garb (like those famous sweaters in Bridget Jones’ Diary) may seem like a cute idea, but business owners should still keep things professional. After all, they do have a brand and image to protect. As such, it’s recommended they keep things business-like and choose a card depicting a photo of traditional and beloved Christmas scenes like a snowman or a cabin covered in snow.

Monday, December 15, 2014

How to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

It takes more than a unique product or service to win a customer’s loyalty. There are a good number of buyers who aren’t just looking for a great brand, but for a great brand experience. The way to achieve this is for the brand to come alive and give back to the customer.

Employees as brand ambassadors

For service-oriented businesses, the impact of employees on customers cannot be overstated. The quality of customer engagement can spell the difference between buyers visiting the store because they need to and buyers visiting because they want to. Basically patrons will go where they feel comfortable and where they respect and enjoy the people who work there. In line with this, providing customer service training for employees may prove to be a worthy investment in the long run.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas...

The Christmas season is a time for merrymaking, family time, and reflection. For business owners, it’s also an opportunity to do all the above and still make a good profit with their products or services. One way to tell customers or even your fellow business operators that you’re thinking of them this season is to send them special Christmas business greeting cards, but there are some ways to make it work even if the big holiday is just a few days down the road.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

On the Right Way and Time to Send Thank You for Your Business Cards

Sincere thank you’s on your business cards don’t have to be full of images and different colors all the time. They should be pleasing to the eyes, but not to the point that they end up over-decorated. If you want a more personal touch, companies like CLIENT RETENTION. can provide exactly what you need.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why Generic Business Thank You Cards Are a Big No

When it comes to the value of client retention, the numbers never lie.
For instance, studies have found that a 5% customer retention rate can spell a 75% rise in profitability for a business. Additionally, 20% of your present customers will make up about 80% of your future revenue. Lastly, marketing towards new customers costs five times more than keeping existing ones.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sending Business Greeting Cards is Very Effective to Retain Clients

Sending business cards leaves a good impact on your clients. You can even make it better by adding a handwritten message or sending beautifully customized greeting cards from businesses like CLIENT RETENTION. All you have to do is partner up with a committed supplier to extend those wonderful gestures to your valued clients.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Print Cards En Masse, but Sign Them Individually

Getting an unsigned greeting card may not be a big deal for you, but it is for people such as Sir David Tang. The 60-year-old fashion tycoon, knight, and close friend of the Prince of Wales made the headlines in 2013 with singer and fellow knight Elton John over a Christmas card the latter failed to sign personally. Tang went so far as to consider John among "the common few."

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tips for Creating Effective Custom Business Thank You Cards

Custom thank you cards are a wonderful way to show your appreciation to long time customers and new ones as well. However, for many business owners and executives always having a supply of cards on hand and also having the time to write personalized notes and then mail them to clients is not feasible. As an alternative, you can you can work with a company who can design, create, AND send custom business thank you cards for you. Thank you cards deliver a lot of dividends. By showing your appreciation through a card, you are taking the time and effort to create a personal note that your customers will appreciate and remember. Referrals and repeat business come from customers that are happy to do business with you, so this is one area you shouldn’t overlook.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Business Greeting Cards for the Holidays: Have You Ordered Yours Yet?

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are just a couple of months away. Between now and then, businesses everywhere will be considering ideas for sales promotions that they hope will attract more customers to their websites and increase sales. As a business owner with long term goals, apart from the huge sales benefits that the holidays present, it is the perfect opportunity to deepen customer relationships. One of the best ways to strengthen the relationship with your customers is to send business greeting cards. Many businesses simply don’t take the time to send out greeting cards to customers. That means they’re missing out on a great chance to create meaningful connections and establish loyalty. It’s a huge opportunity for you to make your business stand out from the rest, and if there’s one thing that keeps customers coming back, it’s the service, care, and attention they get from the companies they do business with.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Appease Your Current Audience for Profit

Did you know that keeping your existing customers happy is a lot more cost-effective than gaining new ones? It’s time consuming and expensive to research, find and contact new prospective customers and build a relationship with them. You also have to assess their wants and needs. You already know, more or less, what makes your existing customers tick; you just have to build on those wants.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Even with Email, Business Cards are Here to Stay

Thanks to electronic mail and the Internet, business correspondences and promotions are a lot more convenient and efficient these days. Yet a lot of clients and professionals still appreciate getting personalized, well-written greeting cards from companies they do business with. In fact, one real estate brokerage in Michigan managed to grow their business by 98 percent simply by launching a direct-mail campaign using greeting cards.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thank You Notes: How to Show Your Appreciation

Thank you notes are a simple way to connect with your clients. However, it is more than just sitting down and writing your thanks. You’ll have to do it properly and give your messages a little more thought so that recipients don’t think or feel that the note was just an afterthought. Don’t miss the chance to express genuine appreciation.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sending Out Business Greeting Cards on Holidays

Sending out greeting cards to clients and colleagues during the holidays is different than sending them to close friends and family. Here are several tips on how to properly send out well-wishes to your customers or business colleagues during the holidays.