Monday, September 8, 2014

Sending Out Business Greeting Cards on Holidays

Sending out greeting cards to clients and colleagues during the holidays is different than sending them to close friends and family. Here are several tips on how to properly send out well-wishes to your customers or business colleagues during the holidays.

Order early – Even though holidays like Christmas is still months away, getting ahead of the game should be top priority. Ordering cards early allows more time for customization as well as other concerns like branding or special designs. This also ensures that your cards are all on-hand when the time comes.

Always choose quality over quantity – The last thing your clients want to receive is a low-quality greeting card with a design that doesn’t seem to be well thought out. Skimping on overall quality can trigger several negative impressions. Clients may think your company does not really give much thought to impressing its customers. They also may decide that you’re not worth any further investment.

Be unique – Sure, you can select a generic design from a pre-determined collection, but doing it your own way adds a more personalized feeling to the greeting card itself. Always remember that being unique doesn’t have to hurt in terms of cost. The card’s overall look should stand out from otherwise generic ones.

Keep it updated – Clients don’t like it when their names are often misspelled and their addresses outdated on the greeting cards. Keeping the information current saves you and your company the embarrassment in the long run. 

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