Monday, September 22, 2014

Even with Email, Business Cards are Here to Stay

Thanks to electronic mail and the Internet, business correspondences and promotions are a lot more convenient and efficient these days. Yet a lot of clients and professionals still appreciate getting personalized, well-written greeting cards from companies they do business with. In fact, one real estate brokerage in Michigan managed to grow their business by 98 percent simply by launching a direct-mail campaign using greeting cards.
Real, physical cards have been proven to be effective in engaging customers across many industries. That’s because greeting cards add a more personal touch to any marketing strategy. In addition, custom greeting cards can serve as visually attractive and tangible reminders to customers about the need to reconnect with a particular brand or company.

Given that most customers receive emails and notifications from various sources each day, product offers and referrals sent in a similar manner can easily get lost amid all that digital clutter. On the other hand, a custom greeting card that is personally signed and delivered to the recipient creates a more direct, high-impact message. Businesses that take the time to customize their greeting cards according to each recipient’s profile are also able to instill goodwill and, consequently, retain loyal customers with greater success.

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