Friday, December 12, 2014

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas...

The Christmas season is a time for merrymaking, family time, and reflection. For business owners, it’s also an opportunity to do all the above and still make a good profit with their products or services. One way to tell customers or even your fellow business operators that you’re thinking of them this season is to send them special Christmas business greeting cards, but there are some ways to make it work even if the big holiday is just a few days down the road.

Advance Prep
Start by designing a special card with many common Christmas elements on the design, such as red, green, and white colors, plus candy canes and wreaths. A graphics designer may aid in crafting a unique design if you want something different. Branding is never far behind, with your company colors mixed in.

No Chicken Tracks
Some greeting card recipients can have a soft spot for cards so personalized, they even have clear, handwritten messages on them. An effective strategy is to keep a list of addressees and check off those whose cards are complete. Take time writing down the message, but be sure the addressee does celebrate Christmas. 

Signed Sealed Delivered

If you’re sending your cards only to people in your community, take time to send them personally. This is to avoid delays that come as a result of sheer workload at the post office that usually comes with the holidays. 

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