Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Psychology of Business Greeting Cards

Business greeting cards are great marketing tools you can employ to connect with your customers on an emotional level, and strengthen their loyalty to you. Have you ever wondered, though, how it affects the human psyche? The following can provide some answers.

It shows your business’ human side.

People exchange things because one has what the other needs. A relationship based solely on material benefits, however, is highly volatile. When you send greeting cards, you give your customers the impression that there’s a person behind the business, and not just a faceless entity who wants their money.

It works on the principle of reciprocity.

Did you ever feel the pressure to return someone’s favor even when you’re not obliged to? It may not be logical but it’s a survival instinct. We ensure that others are given what they need so we receive help when our turn comes. Greeting cards work on people’s psyche this way. They show that you value your customers, and the customers, in turn feel they have to return the favor by buying your products.

It gets you closer to the top-of-mind spot.

People tend to favor businesses which they can easily recall. Greeting cards do this by keeping your company on clients’ top of mind, especially on special occasions. For instance, your plumbing company may send you a Christmas greeting card. It is a thoughtful gesture that also says, “Hey, I hope everything’s fine. But in case of plumbing problems, call me.”

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