Friday, February 13, 2015

How to Build Genuine Customer Loyalty

You’ve seen companies like Apple, Microsoft, or Sony with a large following of passionate customers; which often includes fans willing to go the extra mile to stand up for the brand they believe in. You want to know how to build a fervent customer base like that. It’s impossible to do it in a day, that’s for sure, but it can be achieved gradually with some smart practices.
Loyalty programs – These programs will help establish a loyal customer base if you know how to do it well. For instance, implementing a discount scheme via a special card-based or point-based system is sure to entice customers to come back; and even tag their friends and family along.

Authentic voice – Take for instance’s Jeff Bezos. He’s known for writing heartfelt personal letters on the site’s front page, intended to foster valuable relationships with the company’s scores of customers around the world. In other words, your company should be able to communicate with your customers in the most personal way possible, such as through customized thank you cards. If Amazon can do it, smaller businesses certainly have no excuse not to.

Top-notch customer service – Its bare simplicity just works. Customers approach businesses expecting to have an easy time in getting what they want, and they should not be disappointed. Train your employees to serve customers well and you’ll secure yourself a steady stream of loyal patrons.

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