Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tips on Writing Business Thank You Cards

Writing custom business thank you cards has long been around for the immense benefits they create between companies and the people they deal with. These little notes can show your clients that you appreciate doing business with them, while at the same time encouraging to keep you in mind in future projects. It also nurtures a strong business relationship, which not only profits your company financially, but also improves your business reputation in the industry.

When to Write Them, What to Write in Them

Express your gratitude after a meeting where you outlined your proposals. Thank the client for their time, and encourage them to give you a call or send you a message if they have any additional inquiries or concerns. Aside from offering further assistance, you can gently remind them when you will do a follow-up on their transaction.

After a completed sale or service or when they have referred you to their network, thank your customers or clients for trusting you and your company. You can tell them that it’s an honor to have been picked among a sea of choices, that they have made the best of choices in a competitive industry. You can also thank them for being a joy to work with (e.g. “You have been understanding and cooperative throughout our partnership, and it has been a pleasure.”)

Don’t forget to address them by name, and sign the notes personally. You can also end the card by saying you look forward to your next meeting, or to working with them again on their upcoming projects.

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