Monday, March 9, 2015

Laying Down the Easter Greetings

Easter is a couple of weeks down the road, and for some people of faith, it is one of the most important holidays in the calendar. If your business is located in a community where many of your Catholic or Christian customers or clients operate, you can show solidarity in observance by crafting a nice array of business greeting cards. Easter is also related to the Jewish Passover.

Across the Christian world, Easter customs vary but the symbolism remains. The event celebrates the rebirth and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. To parlay into that, you can insert biblical passages specifically referring to the mystery, or customize non-biblical messages that are nonetheless inspirational and complementary, pointing to a rebirth or renewal of commitment or business relationship.

If your business is part of a local Easter celebration, plan ahead by making a special photo card showing you and your business team, and attaching the card to gifts for select recipients. You can use any of the popular motifs associated with Easter, such as rabbits carrying a multi-tasseled basket full of eggs. You can implement design cues in pastel or vibrant graphic lines.

Sharing holiday well-wishes with your loyal customers and valued clients who value their traditions can be an effective morale-booster, one of little but memorable ways to show your appreciation and support for their long and loyal patronage. In this way, too, you continue to promote and cultivate goodwill and excellent customer relations.

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